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About GlitzSparkle smile India Pvt. Ltd.

Everything you need to know about GlitzSparkle Smile

GlitzSparkle Smile Pvt. Ltd.

We the GlitzSparkle Smile Pvt. Ltd. company first of its kind in INDIA, have come up with a unique concept that provides the customer/patient a specially designed KIOSK loaded with high tech treatment options in tandem with team of expert dental professionals providing diagnostics information to them. Elaborate daily oral hygienic care at an affordable price. To fulfill the cosmetic needs.

Our philosophy behind the inception of this type of service is better diagnosis of dental and oral health, teeth whitening , Cosmetic scaling Dental jewelry, Fluoride varnish application, scaling, consultation ( App based & Dentist ) , trainers , my functional appliances, Mouth guards, pit & fissure sealent , snap on smile , Aligners , cancer detection {SPOT} referral processing fees, water flosser , Personalized tooth paste , brush etc and other preventive and interceptive dental care system with of international quality and standards.

Dental fraternity is witnessing saturation despite even the urban population is lacking dental health awareness and inaccessibility to skilled professionals to address their dental issues. Subscribing local dentist and giving them leads of potential customer.

Meet the Directors

The original team that keeps GlitzSparkle Smile moving forward

Dr. Aashish mathesul


Dr. veerbhushan Kulkarni


Dr. Amar Kitturkar


We offer some services...

Glitterati Smile Kiosk

Glitterati Smile Boutique

Glitterati Smile Studio

Glitterati Smile Affiliate